Regenergy365™, verb, to apply a technology by which one extracts energy from a source that consumes and wastes energy to function, thus regenerating energy that would otherwise be wasted, 365 days a year.
Welcome to Regenergy365™

We are a Clean Tech company dedicated to developing and deploying green building energy recovery and generation technologies which provide point of use electrical energy generation for the global commercial, industrial, institutional and manufacturing sectors. Our innovative and cost-effective technologies focus on mitigating intense energy consumption costs from HVAC systems in an effort to support building efficiency and measurable bottom line cost savings.

In the U.S., energy consumption is one of the top variable costs of doing business within the commercial and industrial sectors, with 33% of the energy allocated to HVAC system operations. These systems are often referred to as "profit siphons" due to the intense costs associated with their operation which is often 24 hours a day, with the annual national average being around 19.6 hours a day.

Today's complex economic and environmental challenges have created a paradigm shift in Clean Tech technology development and application. With rising energy costs, efficiency and sustainability have become critical initiatives for companies and governments worldwide. Through the deployment of our patented E.C.E.R.D.™ (Exhaust Capturing Electrical Regeneration Device) technologies Regenergy365™ will meet the growing clean energy needs of its customers around the world.

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